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Top JOY Blog Posts of 2015
January 6, 2016

Our JOY Bloggers had another prolific year, churning out 53 posts in 2015! This amazing group of women opened up their lives and wrote about everything from life and death to faith and friends. 

Here is a recap of the most popular posts by blogger. We invite you to read and reflect on them once again.


By Kristy Rose
Our habits and choices can lead us to either health or health challenges. Kristy Rose reveals how she is replacing her bad habits with good ones.
By Sheila Heiser 
A season of cancer challenged everything Sheila believed about God. But it also showed her that God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
By Heather Brostrom
Treating others as Christ did is a beautiful form of worship to our most worthy God. But to act this way, we must allow ourselves to be continually transformed by Him.
By Cari Bousfield
Strength - and finding the needed strength -- was Cari Bousfield's focus area for  2015.
By Laura Moss
Waiting can sometimes feel like you are being neglected, overlooked, forgotten. What if you instead saw it as a way God offers you to strengthen your heart?

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