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Ten Reasons to Not Miss the JOY Breakfast
February 28, 2015By Cari Bousfield

The JOY Breakfast is one of the highlights of my year. And as this year’s event quickly approaches, I am getting excited to see all of the wonderful ladies I have befriended by being a part of JOY.

Whether you’ve gone to JOY Breakfasts in the past, or this will be your first, here are 10 reasons to not miss the JOY Breakfast this year -- straight from the mouths of past attendees!

1. “I really enjoyed the speaker. She was very relevant and encouraging and real.”

Each year the JOY Breakfast features a nationally-known speaker who is usually involved in women’s ministry or has a heart to help women. Past speakers have included Micah Campbell of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Pebbles Eagle-Thomas of Project Ignite Light in Fargo and Jennifer Beckham who founded her own ministry to help women live a life of true freedom and purpose. This year's speaker is Connie Carey, a national Toastmasters speaker, humorist and author of  Falling Up, Lessons Learned on the Way Down. She will share her story of how she embraced hope in the midst of loss and despair. She will encourage us to replace the if onlys with truth, strength and hope.

2. “It’s a come as you are party.”

All women are welcome at the JOY Breakfast. Denomination or church affiliation is not important. Your age doesn’t matter either, as the JOY Breakfast is attended by everyone from young teenage girls to middle-aged moms and great grandmothers. And there’s no dress code, so you don’t even have to worry about having a bad hair day!

3. "Music was beautiful."

The ministry of JOY recognizes that music is a great way to connect with others and share a meaningful message. For these reasons, the JOY Breakfast wouldn’t be complete without having a few talented ladies share their gift of music in song. If you enjoy music, you’ll be blessed by the vocal performances at the JOY Breakfast.

4. "Skit was funny and good."

Everyone loves a good laugh. And some of the past skits performed by the very talented JOY actresses have made ladies laugh so hard they cry. Besides the comic relief offered, these drama segments also deliver a strong message. Last year’s “Coke skit” was especially unforgettable, as ladies learned that God has gifts for each of us and we shouldn’t get jealous when someone’s gift looks bigger and better than ours.

5. "Uplifting interviews on overcoming troubled times"

Every woman has a story to tell. And the JOY Breakfast provides a platform for these stories to be told in both the keynote presentation and in interviews and testimonies shared by regular women like you and me. From stories of overcoming insurmountable odds to offering forgiveness in the midst of excruciating circumstances, something someone says throughout the program is bound to stir your heart and help you in your own circumstances.  

6. "I really like how you did the door prizes."

Yes, you read that correctly – door prizes! Every year there is a myriad of door prizes that are given away at the JOY Breakfast. If you love door prizes (and who doesn’t) all you have to do is show up for your shot at one of the amazing gifts given away.  

7 "Great variety!"

If you like a little bit of everything, whether it’s beautiful music, an entertaining skit, a fun video, good food or hearing a great speaker, the JOY Breakfast is the perfect place to be.

8. "Fellowship with other ladies at my table"

Simply sitting at a table and connecting with other women is a joy in itself. Whether you come by yourself or with friends or family, the table hostess will make sure everyone feels comfortable and gets you involved in engaging conversation. The hostess will even make sure your coffee cup is always full!

9. "Thanks for the ministry. You do an incredible job!"  

The JOY Breakfast is made possible each year thanks to the many volunteers who offer their time, talents and insight to make this event a real ministry to women, no matter where they are in their faith journey. Following the JOY Breakfast, women can join one of many small Bible study groups to stay connected to other women.

10. "I enjoyed the whole program. Well done!"

Other ladies have said, “"I really enjoyed this and will come again," and "I loved everything." These comments speak for themselves!

We hope that you come to the JOY Breakfast this year because, as you can see, you’re not going to want to miss it!

What’s your reason for not wanting to miss this year’s JOY Breakfast? If you’ve never gone before, what is one compelling reason you’ll come this year?

Cari Bousfield is a freelance writer and blogger. Besides blogging for JOY, Cari blogs at Faith's Mom's Blog and writes on a variety of articles at HubPages. She is also the author of Having Faith. Cari has a strong desire to help people connect with one another and to God. She prays that through her writing, she can reach the hearts of others and help to bring hope, inspiration and courage to "walk by faith not by sight". See all JOY Blog posts by Cari.

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